Dwarffortress – Where Losing Is Fun (Or Is It?)

Losing Is Fun? Find Out From Dwarffortress

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Dwartfortress, it’s actually one of those games where, despite illusions of winning, you’re bound to lose at some point. How is it played? You can play it two ways: as a city builder or as an adventurer.

If you play as a city builder, you have a group of dwarfs who will build you a subterranean mountain fortress. You might think playing this game is as easy keeping the dwarfs happy (like other city building games), but that’s where you’re wrong. While the dwarfs build your fortress, you need to fight off vampires, invaders and sieges, environmental dangers and the occasional mega beast. Oh, and did we mention you need to keep your mini minions happy while you’re fighting off danger?

If you play Dwarffortress as an adventurer, you become one of the dwarfs and you battle and build in the first person.

First released in 2006, development work for Dwarf Fotress is still ongoing and Tarn Adams, the game’s developer has already said he needs 20 more years before he considers the game complete.

People who have played this game praise it for its rich content and appreciate the fact that it’s difficult to master. Within the Dwarffortress gaming community “Losing is fun” is actually the signature trademark.

If you play to win, this game is definitely NOT for you. As it is, there are no rules or cheats that can help you win it. Every fortress that has ever been built by dwarfs were eventually destroyed.

All DwarfFortress games starts by generating a new world. Although the qualities of each world is random, players can influence the output by inputting specific values like the size of the map, mine occurrence, natural savagery and other factors.


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