Dwarf Fortress Stories – The Beginning Of The Epic Tale?

The Epic Tale Of Dwarf Fortress Stories

Here is my addition to the Dwarf Fortress stories available on the internet. While I may not win a Pulitzer Prize for it, I think I did my best for a short blog post. What do you think?

Living in fear of the goblins was too much for most dwarves. With human merchants coming daily, they had to stay on guard to ensure their steady stream of necessities would not be cut off. A goblin invasion would only spell certain doom for those living in the fortress.

That said, the militia was sure to be able to fight off the goblins if only they could improve their weapons. They worked night and day with their greatest minds to consider what new implements could be forged quickly and reliably. What would easily hold back a hoarde of attacking goblins? What could they carry with them as they accompanied humans in and out of the fortress?

One dwarf, Voldemit, was tinkering with his own sword one day when he came up with a plan. It would require him to find some items which one couldn’t locate easily. He would have to draft a plan, a map of where he could start his search. Who would he draft for his team to join him? He quickly left his home and embarked on an adventure.

I will write part two in short order, but I hope that part one of my Dwarf Fortress stories has hooked you already. What do you think might happen next? Even I am not sure, but I will be quick to consider where Voldemit goes next. In fact, I think I’m having as much fun figuring out the future of my Dwarf Fortress stories as you will be reading them once they are complete! Don’t you agree?

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