Dwarf Fortress – What Is Dwarf Fortress?

Interesting Facts about the Dwarf Fortress

Are you a gamer? If you are, have you tried playing the Dwarf Fortress? This is a freeware video game set that will take you into a fantasy-like realm. As the master, you will control a group of dwarves as they create a rich mountain home, while facing and defeating challenges as they proceed.

The player that you will control in the game, the Dwarf Fortress, will be faced with various kinds of beasts. These antagonists include vampires, sieges, creepy dark creatures and the appearance of the mega-beast every once in a while. All along, as the game ensues, you have to make sure that the dwarves are happy and the castle is still alive. You can also choose to play the adventurer mode, wherein you will explore the realm in order to fight and face off with different creatures. While you may already be enjoying the game, do you know how it all came about? What led to the development and how was the Dwarf Fortress created? Each world or realm that a player will enter into this game was created from scratch. The programming was done by Tarn Adams, with a little help from his brother, Zach. They started putting everything together in 2002 and its initial released was made four years after. This came as a surprise to its developer, who thought that it would take up to 20 years before he could finish the project. He pulled it off through kind donations and great support from contributors. The fan base of the game may be small, but they are dedicated. The game has a very rich content, which is the reason for the praises that it has been receiving since it was released. Through the years, more gamers learn to appreciate the curves and ropes of this game. For other critics though, they say that it is quite a challenge to learn the game and to master each level. They did not like the fact that there are no shortcuts to win the game and the fortress is going to be destructed no matter how good the player is in protecting such. For the community that is fond of the game, they created a trademark phrase to thwart off the criticisms and that is, Losing is fun. The Adams brothers continue to develop and introduce upgrades to the game through the years. A milestone in its development was made when a third dimension was introduced. They also handle and fix bug issues as they receive complaints regarding such. Tarn Adams was very enthusiastic in promoting the Dwarf Fortress. He has given numerous interviews to press about it, which is the main reason why it gathered interest to be covered by the press. It was even featured in the PC Gamer magazine twice and it also had a spot in the prestigious, the New York Times. The game is interesting and rich, although it takes time to learn. You have to spend time on playing it in different modes in order to master everything and eventually, become more adept at conquering each battle that you have to face as the player who has to defend the fortress.

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